Mozart Academy of Music Orchestra

Are you a seasoned player or just starting out on your instrument and wondering where to showcase your prowess and grow? At Mozart academy orchestra, we embrace diversity, we are organized to comprise of woodwind, brass, strings, choral and solo instruments. Do not hesitate to join us for practice and perfomance by contacting us below.

Mozart academy orchestra is also a headstart for our students who have managed a significant milestone in sightreading for their instruments. It sets up the student to practice the art of perfomance and keeps them on toes to practice.
For senior players, organized practice sessions are scheduled by our leader where we focus on classical repertoire and hymns.

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Let all things now Living. String quartet arr for a Trio.

Source: Facebook

Holy, Holy, Holy

Arranged for brass, woodwind and violin

Source: Youtube

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Rm 106, 2nd Floor :Geomerc Centre
Nafrom St Along Magadi Road
Ongata Rongai
Kajiado, Kenya


+ 2547 27 238-647

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